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Below are answers to some of our most asked questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us during business hours.

What vaccinations are required for my dog?

We require the following vaccinations for your dog or puppy.

  • DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) – After the puppy series and 1-year booster, every 3 years. We will accept your veterinarian’s recommendation as long as it is within the AAHA/AVMA guidelines. Puppies must have at least 2 vaccinations of the puppy series.
  • Rabies – After the puppy vaccination and 1-year booster
  • Bordetella – Every 6 months
  • Titer results will be accepted per your vet’s recommendation for the DHPP.
  • We require vaccinations records and strongly recommend giving the vaccinations at least 5 days prior to your check-in date. This will give your dog’s immune system a chance to respond to the vaccination prior to their stay and the dog to recover if the shots cause side effects.
  • It is recommended that puppies receive the second vaccination of their puppy series two weeks prior to checking in to their first visit with us.

What are your hours?

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Boarding check-in before 5pm results in $10 additional charge
Boarding check-out after 9am results in $10 additional charge

Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Boarding check-in before 5pm results in $10 additional charge
Boarding check-out after 9am results in $10 additional charge

Sunday: 4pm – 6pm (for drop-off and pick-up only)
Boarding check-in and check-out before 4pm results in $10 additional charge

For Holiday Hours, please click here.

When is Daycare available?

Daycare is offered Monday - Friday from 7am - 6pm. If you need a drop-off and pick-up time outside of our regularly scheduled hours, we are happy to accommodate you. This can be arranged by calling the office and speaking with a member of our staff.

What do I need to bring for my pets boarding stay?

Food in a sealed container or ziplock baggies, own blankets, toys, favorite treats. We do provide raised bed and treats at bedtime.

Can you administer medications?

We will gladly administer medication at no extra charge. We regularly administer oral and topical medications, including eye treatments. Please make sure that all medication are brought in the original containers with correct dosing instructions. We do not perform any INJECTIONS.

Can I bring my pet’s bedding or toys?

Please feel free to bring your pets favorite bedding. Please write your pet’s first and last name on it and we will make every effort to return it to you but cannot be responsible for lost or damaged bedding or towels.

How far in advance should I book my pet’s boarding stay?

We usually have plenty of room, but during holidays and summertime we can be very full. School holidays are another time we may have limited availability. If you have firm dates, I would not hesitate to schedule your pet’s stay.

Will my dog get to go outside?

All kennels have an attached outside run that your pet can use at any time.  All guests are continually cycled outside in the play area throughout the day.

What do I need to know when I take my dog home after their stay?

Your dog(s) will be excited to see you after their stay. Because of their excitement they may act hungry, and because they pant when excited, they may be thirsty. It is recommended that you allow them to settle in for a few hours before feeding and add water in small amounts. Drinking and eating too much too quickly can lead to an upset stomach and possible vomiting.

How can I tell if my dog will be comfortable at Missy Lui’s?

We require all new dogs and owners to attend a Meet & Greet. This is an important opportunity for us to get to know your dog, and for you to get to know us. Your dog will have a chance to see our facilities and meet other friends. It is important that we are a good fit for everyone to make sure they will be comfortable and safe at Missy Lui’s.

How will I know if my class is still scheduled?

Please be sure to check our website for all classes, especially outdoor classes for any cancellations due to weather.

What are your rates?

Please note that all rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are based on pick-up and drop-off during regular business hours.

$25 + sales tax with a drop-off after 5pm and pick-up before 9am

We require a $50 deposit per dog during peak holiday weekends. The deposit will be applied towards your final invoice. This deposit is refundable if your reservation is cancelled 72 hours in advance.

$15 + sales tax per day, for all dog sizes

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